Some gloomy news I'm afraid, it is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our In Cold Blood album tour set for Jan/Feb 2015.

It became necessary to do so when James flew home from Spain early this week suffering from gastroenteritis and exhaustion. Doctors have advised him to rest until he has fully recovered, leaving us unable to rehearse over the coming weeks. We are both devastated by this news, and sadly the majority of the album tour has been cancelled until further notice.

We will give it our all at the The Railway in Winchester on Feb 20th and The Islington in London on Feb 26th to try to make up for it.

Scarlet SS x

However, it's less than ONE MONTH until the official release date of our album 'In Cold Blood'. The album contains the lead tracks from our last three EPs alongside brand new material. Peekaboo Magazine (BE) have already called it "a vocal and musical uppercut"!

Without the live dates to show it off, we suggest you order your copy today, and play it stupidly loud at home, whilst turning the light switches on and off to create a gig effect! Thank you for your support!

James SS